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 Mountain Valley Bank

Mountain Valley Bank believes that your privacy should not be compromised. At the same time, we want to offer you the array of financial products and services you need to accomplish your financial goals. We believe we can do both through the privacy policy outlined as follows:

We believe the confidentiality and protection of customer information is one of our fundamental responsibilities. While information is critical to providing quality service, we recognize that one of our most important assets is our customers� trust. Therefore, the safekeeping of customer information is a priority for Mountain Valley Bank..

    1. Personal Identifying Information Collected From You
    2. Limiting Employee Access to Information
    3. Sharing Information
    4. Maintaining Customer Privacy in Business Relationships with Third Parties
    5. Maintenance of Accurate Information
    6. Maintaining Nonpublic Personal Information About Former Customers
    7. Providing Privacy Information to Customers and Responding to Inquires
    8. Fair Credit Reporting Act Information
    9. Sharing "Opt Out"
    10. Unsubscribe and Data-Removal Policy
    11. Established Security Procedures
    12. Who Can I Ask If I Have Additional Questions


1. Personal Identifying Information Collected From You

You may decide to send Mountain Valley Bank information, including personally identifying information. The information you supply is maintained by Mountain Valley Bank, for the purpose of processing your request or inquiry.

We collect, retain, and use information about you only where we reasonably believe that it will help administer our business or provide products, services, and other opportunities to you. We collect and retain information about you only for specific business purposes. We collect information you might consider to be private, such as account numbers, social security number/Tax ID number, income and net worth about you from the following sources.

    • Information we receive from you on applications or other forms;
    • Information about your transactions with us, our affiliates or others; and
    • Information we receive from a consumer reporting agency.

2. Limiting Employee Access to Information

At Mountain Valley Bank., employee access to personally identifiable customer information is limited to those with a business reason to know such information. Employees are educated on the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of customer information. All Mountain Valley Bank employees are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of customer information and employees who violate these Privacy Principles will be subject to disciplinary measures.

3. Sharing Information

Mountain Valley Bank strives to provide you with the latest in products and services to fit your needs. In order to serve you in the most efficient manner possible, we may disclose personal and account information about you to our affiliates. An affiliate is a company we own or control, or a company that owns or controls us. Ownership does not mean complete ownership, but means owning enough to have control. Mountain Valley Bank's affiliates currently include: Platte Valley National Bank-Scottsbluff, Morrill, Minatare & Bridgeport, NE; Platte Valley National Bank-Torrington and Wheatland, WY; Platte Valley Ag Credit Co., Scottsbluff, NE;  Platte Valley National Mortgage Company, Scottsbluff, NE; Platte Valley Investment Center, Inc., Scottsbluff, NE and Torrington, WY; Tri-County National Bank-Cheyenne, WY; and J.G. Elliott INSURANCE CENTER, Scottsbluff and Morrill, NE, and McBrayer Insurance Center, Torrington, WY and Platte Valley INSURANCE CENTER, Wheatland, WY; Mountain Valley Insurance Center, Walden, CO.

We may disclose information based on our transactions and experiences with you, such as:

      Name Account Activity Payment
      Address Types of Accounts Deposit History
      Account Balances Parties to the Transaction

4. Maintaining Customer Privacy in Business Relationships with Third Parties

Mountain Valley Bank will not reveal specific information about customer accounts or other personally identifiable data to third parties for their independent use.

Any exceptions would be for the exchange of information with reputable information reporting agencies to maximize the accuracy and security of such information or in the performance of bona fide corporate due diligence, unless:

    • The information is provided to help complete a customer-initiated transaction;
    • The customer requests it;
    • The disclosure is required by or allowed by law (e.g. subpoena, investigation of fraudulent activity, request by
      regulator, etc.  
    • The customer has been informed about the possibility of disclosure for marketing or similar purposes through a prior
      communication and is given the opportunity to decline 
      (i.e. opt out

If personally identifiable customer information is provided to an third party, we will insist that the third party adhere to similar privacy principles that provide for keeping such information confidential.

5. Maintenance of Accurate Information

Mountain Valley Bank continually strives to maintain complete and accurate information about you and your accounts. Should you ever believe that our records contain inaccurate or incomplete information about you, please notify us. We will investigate your concerns and correct any inaccuracies

6. Maintaining Nonpublic Personal Information About Former Customers 

If you decide to close your account(s) or become an inactive customer, we will adhere to the privacy policies and practices as described in this notice.

7. Providing Privacy Information to Customers and Responding to Inquiries

If you have any questions about how Mountain Valley Bank protects your confidential information, please call us at 877-870-6550 or if local, 970-870-6550. You may also contact us through our web site "Contact Us" page at, or by e-mailing us at When you choose to send e-mail to Mountain Valley Bank, you are consenting to us using the information provided therein, including personally identifying information, in accordance with this notice, unless you expressly state in the e-mail your objection to any use(s). Electronic mail is not necessarily secure. You should be very cautious when sending electronic mail containing sensitive, confidential information. As an alternative, you should give consideration to sending it by postal mail.

8. Fair Credit Reporting Act Information

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we have a right to share information regarding our transactions or experiences with you. Unless you instruct otherwise, we also have the right to share any other information about you with our affiliates as identified under "Sharing Information" above (persons related by common ownership or affiliated by corporate control, now or in the future either directly or indirectly. This other information may include, but is not limited to, application information, credit reports from a consumer reporting agency, and any other information we have about you.

9. Sharing "Opt Out"

If you do not want us to share this other information with our affiliates, you may utilize the opt out methods set forth below:

You may call us at our toll free number at 877-870-6550, or if local, 970-870-6550 to opt out.

10. Unsubscribe and Data-Removal Policy

You may unsubscribe to any Mountain Valley Bank mailing list, and have your data removed from our database by e-mailing

11. Established Security Procedures

Mountain Valley Bank safeguards information according to established security standards and procedures, and we continually assess new technology for protection information.

Your transactions are truly safe. Mountain Valley Bank works with the leading technology partners to provide the most secure environment possible for worry-free Interest banking. You can be assured of the following security measures:

    • Secure Communications
      Data is encrypted as it travels to and from your PC.  Encryption is accomplished through "Secure Sockets Layer,"
      the de facto standard for data encryption of the Internet.   This
      means your sensitive financial information cannot be deciphered by unauthorized individuals.
    • Secure Login
      NetBANKING "IDs" and NetBANKING "PINs" (Personal Identification Numbers) separate from your account information and isolated from the Internet, where they can never be accessed or downloaded by anyone on the Internet.  In addition, because NetBANKING IDs can vary up to 12 characters, the chances of guessing a NetBANKING ID is less than one in 1,000,000,000,000!
    • Secure Environment
      Our computer system does not connect directly to the Internet.  It is isolated from the network via a "firewall" -- a software and hardware product that defines, controls and limits the access that "outside" computers have to the bank's computer.  This firewall subscribes to the standards set by the NCSA (National Computer Security Association).  In other words, use of the firewall allows only authenticated bank customers or administrators to send or receive transactions through it.
    • Security Reviews
      We provide continuous monitoring and auditing of all transactions originating from or outbound to the Internet.  We operate with all the rules and regulations of banking and bank security as set forth by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency..  We are committed to working with our communication  providers to produce the safest operating environment possible for our customers and will take advantage of evolving security enhancements
12. Who Can I Ask If I Have Additional Questions?

      Pam Simpson
      Assistant Vice President 
      Mountain Valley Bank
      Toll Free:  877-870-6550

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