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Overdraft Checking


Overdraft Protection Services

At Mountain Valley Bank, we make every effort to be sure your checks are honored when presented to the bank for payment.  We offer the following ways to avoid the embarrassment of returned checks:

Customer Courtesy Plan*

As a courtesy to our customers, non-sufficient funds checks are paid whenever possible.  When the account is opened, a $50.00 courtesy level will be established for payment of checks when there are insufficient funds in the account.  As your relationship with Mountain Valley Bank grows over time, this courtesy level may be increased to reflect our appreciation for your business.  This helps save the embarrassment and the expense of returned check charges, up to your courtesy level.  Mountain Valley Bank�s overdraft item fee applies to each check paid under this program.

Savings Overline Service (SOS) 

With Mountain Valley Bank�s Savings Overline Services (SOS), Mountain Valley Bank will transfer funds from your Regular Savings or Money Market Accounts** to your checking account whenever the funds in your checking are insufficient to cover the checks presented for payment.  Transfers are in the dollar amount needed, and overdraft protection is available up to the amount deposited in your regular savings or money market accounts.  There is a modest $5.00 fee for each transfer of funds with the SOS service. 

Credit Line Checking 

Mountain Valley Bank�s Credit Line service provides a line of credit linked to your checking account.  If your checking account balance falls short for any reason, we will automatically advance money into your account to cover the amount needed, up to your pre-authorized credit limit.  Advances are made in increments of $200.00.  Credit Line Checking is also available when you use your Mountain Valley Check & Cash Card to withdraw cash from your checking account at an automatic teller machine.***  Your Personal Banker will be happy to answer any questions about Credit Line Checking.  $10.00 annual fee.


*** Subject to regulatory limitations.  Ask for details.

* A foreign ATM fee applies to all transactions at ATM's not owned by Platte Valley National, regardless of account type.  All transactions at Platte Valley National Bank ATMs are free.

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